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Over the next few weeks (and months) we’ll be doing a series of casual (free!)videos designed to support you and your pet photography.  If you would take the time to comment and tell us what your biggest pet portrait challenges are and where you need the most help, we’ll try to address them in upcoming videos.  So fire away!

In the mean time, here is a pullback shot of our new natural light shooting area in the studio. We covered the 10×10 opening from the garage door with floor to ceiling glass and created a giant window. This one is facing west (not ideal ) but creates beautiful light until late afternoon when it’s too bright — even with diffusion.  We will use this set up next week for animal adoption photos for a local rescue group.

pull back - natural light indoors

To the left you see a simple stand up reflector made of two 4×8 sheets of insulation board. Silver on one side and lightweight and cheap…. from our local home improvement store. White foam core would also have worked, but we wanted the reflected light to be a little sharper and more “specular” for this black dog’s fur. With black dogs I always use a silver reflector. Our client also brought her cat. Here’s a close up:

colleen coyle teresa berg photography

Want to learn “hands on” with Teresa? We have three seats left in our spring DOG SHOTS workshop. It’s a one day basic class held at her studio and the nearby park. Perfect for new photographers or anyone with a DSLR who wants to make better portraits of their pets or adoptable animals. Tuition is $295, which includes lunch. Call the studio to sign up:  972-250-2415

What’s in your tool kit? | Teresa Berg Pet Photography

This simple little basket is a life-saver!  I set it next to me when I’m shooting and it keeps me from having to jump up and go hunting for the little treasures that it holds. I can’t tell you how distracting it is for your subject when you walk away and start digging in a drawer or a box. Their concentration will be completely blown. I keep a couple of noise makers, a couple of eye-catching things (for deaf dogs and hunting dogs) and a few treats and some bling.  What could be better?  Make a list of things you need and keep them close at hand.

I originally photographed this basket as a part of my preparation for the Unleashed Workshop — which we will be offering again soon.

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