photographing cats

Cats in the shelter

Not every shelter has a light open room (this one is referred to as the CATio) like Operation Kindness where these photos were taken, but most cats prefer an area where they can roam. After only a few minutes we were able to sit quietly on the floor in the middle of the room and make these natural light portraits.

A fast lens (one that opens up to a low number like 2.8 or 1.8 or even 1.2) is very helpful when photographing cats in natural light. Select an iso (light sensitivity rating) of about 640 and have fun!  Have someone stand behind you with a feather on a stick or a string of beads and the cats will look your way…

cat portraits teresa berg photography Cat portraits teresa berg Cat portraits Operation kindness teresa berg

Photographing cats in a shelter

Pet photographer, Seth Casteel has some great tips in this video I found on YouTube.  I don’t normally encourage people to photograph cats in their cages, but sometimes you just have to.  See what you think!

We’ve got a couple of fun teaching projects in the works on this topic — but Seth does a great job in this video. Be familiar with your camera, get a helper and use Seth’s tips to increase your success rates!