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Not ready to make your own bow ties?  Etsy has the answer!

More pretty things to put around the neck:

Buy this fun little gadget for your pop up flash and be done with harsh shadows and glowing ‘demon’ eyes.  Available from most camera supply stores for less that $20…

Gary Fong: Puffer Pop Up Diffuser System

Our Part Number : FON1099 Manufacturer Part Number : GFPUFFER Barcode : 891257001403

Manufacturer: Gary Fong

Another cool option for diffusing your flash comes from across the pond (the U.K. to be exact). What I think is great about this one is that it’s an adjustable fit, so you could use it on a variety of different flashes.  I don’t know what the shipping costs would be, but it’s a very affordable solution to RED EYES.  Check it out here:

Seamless Flash Softbox - 30cm





    1. After reading about photographing dogs for the humane Society that is what I need to do. I like taking pictures but couldn’t find anything interesting ’till now. My heart jumped! This is what I have been searching for. I foster small dogs and have taken pictures of them, giving a copy to the Humane Society. The pictures are quite good and I will be happy to show what I have.

    2. I read about this website in Country Living Magazine. My husband and I have been volunteers for years at 2 shelters in our area. Thank you so much for your tutorial to take better pictures of animals. The 5 Tips are excellent! I have taken a lot of pictures of dogs I’ve fostered, as well as, dogs at the shelters, and you’re absolutely right, a great picture on-line HUGELY helps a dog to get adopted. Thank you so much for this website 🙂

    3. I struggle with my dogs. Sometimes the answer is so simple we cant see it. Made me take a look a the junk in my backgrounds. And I am guilty of not walking my dogs first, Thank you so much for this website !

    4. I just want to say, I am at AWW! This is a great cause and thank you so much for inspiring me. I am about 2 months shy of getting my photography certificate and was looking into taking free pet shots of the local humane society in order to help with adoptions…..BUT this website and you have inspired me to go even further to the next step- capturing pets in their own arena. The pet portraits you take are beautiful, they capture the true beauty/attitude of these animals. Thank you! Thank you!

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