Ready to shoot like a professional?  We have an inspiration/shooting guide for pet photographers called DOG SHOTS | Tips & Tricks for Pet Photographers.  Written by three successful professional photographers Teresa Berg, Barbara Breitsameter and Bev Hollis, of the Unleashed Workshops, this 66 page flip book gives camera settings and the “back story” for their favorite shots. DOG SHOTS includes details about their recommended equipment and set ups and the manual exposure settings. Printed on heavy card stock with a laminated cover, it’s ready to ride around in your camera bag and be a constant source of information and inspiration.  sorry! DOG SHOTS is currently SOLD OUT

pet photography guide


    1. Thank you, Patti — but this book is not about shelter dogs- it’s a guide for professionals and semi-professionals. I’m sure it would help give you some ideas for all kinds of dog photography, but I just wanted to make sure you realized it’s for pros.

  1. Patti: As a professional photographer, I can say that just looking at the screen shot of the open pages of the book can give you great ideas for photographing shelter dogs and cats. Not all misplaced pets are candidates for those scenarios, but the more outgoing ones will work very well — mostly, just getting down to their level and shooting into their eyes! I use treats, toys, etc. to capture their attention, and then (especially with digital) just keep shooting…shooting…shooting!

    Good luck!

    Michele Winter Johnson

  2. I guess if you’re looking for a book on how to make better snapshots of your dog, then yes, it’s expensive. But Dog Shots was written by professional photographers as a guide for other professional photographers –to increase their sales. It’s not designed for the average DSLR user. We try to make that clear so that people don’t buy it thinking it is a book for beginners.

  3. This book is now on my wishlist for Christmas. I even sent the link to it to my kids with a break down of how much it would cost per person if they split it lol. I hope that was a big enough hint for them!!

  4. I’m with Doug…I was interested until I read the price tag. Instead, I’ll search the web for pet shot ideas for free!

    1. Hi Tonya,
      If you read the fine print, you’ll see that DOG SHOTS is a limited edition guide for professional photographers. Like some textbooks, it’s expensive because we only printed a few hundred and they’re designed to help photographers who are interested in photographing pets in addition to their other work. It’s not the same info you pick up for free online. But I’m glad you were able to find what you were looking for!

  5. Teresa,

    Are you considering a re-print of Dog Shots? The studio I work for just signed a year’s contract to provide photographic services and help increase donations for our local humane society. I will be in charge of providing all the services and found your site while searching for different idea’s. I LOVE IT! Great job with everything that you do. Only wish you were closer to Williamsburg, Virginia. Can you put me on the wait list for the next printing?

    Pat Kunder
    JPG Photo Events

    1. Hi Pat,
      I’m afraid that DOG SHOTS will not be re-printed, but there are many resources to help you learn to photograph pets. And if you’d like to learn hands-on with me and Bev Hollis ( you can sign up for the Unleashed pet photography workshop in Virginia later this year. We are looking at some dates in June or possibly in the fall. You can read more about the Unleashed Workshops at our blog:

      Thanks, and good luck!

  6. Thanks Teresa. I did notice Bev was from Northern, Virginia but didn’t see anything upcoming when I visited her site. I might have missed it, after all I was looking at all the pictures!. I signed up for the blog and will like your facebook page to be sure I don’t miss any more specials. Sorry I missed the 1/2 off sale last month. I know the webinar is mostly for entry level photographers, but sometimes reminding oneself of back to basics is a good thing to do. Thanks for the quick reply.


  7. Any chance of reprinting more copies? I realize I am years late on this blog, but I would love to have one! I am in San Diego and cannot attend one of your workshops.

    Your blog and website is the why I acquired the courage to volunteer as a pet photographer for animal shelters (I am a novice photographer). A small, little known establishment has allowed me to take images of their pets and I am excited to say, having followed advice from your blog and others like it, adoptions are happening!

    My next effort is to create a website to get exposure for the lesser known animal shelters and rescue groups. Hoepfully it will be up and running in September. I now have a meaningful way to spend my personal time.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! It is making a positive impact.

  8. I have not looked at the book, and i am an amateur decent photographer. But reading all the snide comments, ” search the web for free” etc. Really? Its a coffee table expensive endeavor by the photog and writer. If you like it that much you’ll spend the $ or be creative and have the kids split the cost for a gift. This is an informative, educational, artistic fun book. Don’t bash the photog or writer. Sorry my 2 cents

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