Tiny Dog Calendar

Buy a few votes and help homeless animals!

Artists for Animals is a Texas based non-profit founded almost 8 years ago to give artists and art lovers a voice in the ongoing fight against animal homelessness. Each year, literally thousands of adoptable pets are euthanized because the local shelters in Texas are just too full to house them and there is a desperate lack of foster homes.


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Co-founded by photographer Teresa Berg and Erin Hannigan, the Principal Oboe with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, AFA creates events which raise money to support local shelters and animal rescue groups who are, frankly, too busy saving lives to get out and beg for money! The Tiny Dog Calendar contest is one of the events organized each year to  raise funds used for food, cages, and vet bills and other supplies.  The need is desperate.


The more you vote, the more grants AFA can give to the hard working animal rescue organizations of north Texas. They have no overhead or salaries to pay – it all goes to the animals. Last year over 3000 votes came in during the last few hours. Vote as often and as much as you wish between now and midnight, September 1st, and SHARE the link with your friends! Contributions are tax deductible. VOTE HERE: https://squareup.com/store/artists-for-animals


The 2018 Tiny Dog Calendar dogs are ready for your votes!

This wonderful group of dogs is ready to raise money for the homeless pets of Texas. Choose your favorites and cast a few votes their way!  Each vote is $1 and Artists for Animals will use the proceeds for one of their many projects in North Texas. Vote as often as you like — the contest wraps up on August 31st!  See all their photographs and vote here:  The race is heating up! See all the contestants and vote for your favorite calendar dog. Voting ends August 31st. https://squareup.com/store/artists-for-animals

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Getting ready for a calendar…

Tiny Dog Calendar model

Cali models for the 2018 Tiny Dog Calendar for Teresa Berg Photography


One of the most common requests we get is for more information about producing a calendar to raise money for charity.  While this sounds like a lot of fun, (and it is!) it’s also a lot of work that requires some advance planning.  Here are some things to consider:

  1. Your photos?  Or use photos submitted by the pet’s owners?  I prefer to only publish calendars that have a common theme. To me, they are a personal project that shows off my work –while helping a local charity.  From my perspective the quality and consistency goes way down when you allow many photographers in to the mix.  I start with a lighting theme (like all studio light with a common background or all natural light) and work out the details from there. I want calendars that look “artsy” and creative, not that just show a cute pet.  Your call.
  2. What paperwork is necessary?  We ALWAYS get a signed model release from the pet’s owners. You can find generic model releases online and customize them with your contact information.  You never know when one of these images might be used not only for the calendar, but for greeting cards, posters, or other publications.  Protect yourself. You don’t want someone coming after you in a few years demanding a cut of the proceeds.
  3. Where to print!  First determine how many calendars you can sell. And remember that calendars really mainly sell in the fall — and you need to start way in advance to have them ready. That’s why we always do our calendar sessions in the summer for the coming year.  The more you print, the cheaper your cost for each calendar.  Some calendars we print 300, some 500.  And remember the more of the work you do yourself, the less you have to pay someone else to do.  Our Tiny  Dog Calendar is prepared completely in photoshop and then sent to a local printing company as a pdf. This saves hundreds of dollars. If your photoshop skills aren’t up to the task, hire a graphic artist.
  4. Choose a size or format that works for your photography. Most people don’t want huge wall calendars any more — they’d prefer something that is sized for their work cubicle or desktop –however, we do the Dallas Fort Worth Dachshund Calendar every year and it’s a big 12×18″ format with no fold — and their members love them. So know what your group will prefer.  Breed specific rescue groups have an advantage as popular breeds are supported by fans of the breed from all over.
  5. Be realistic.  How many are you likely to sell?  Each pet’s owner is going to want multiple copies for keepsakes and gifts. The other members of your group will want a few, but probably not more than 2 or 3 per person.  You will need to set up online sales through Etsy or the group’s website and then get people to the website (with social media or online ads) to really sell a reasonable amount of calendars. Just offering them to your group at events will not be enough to break even.  Another idea is to solicit sponsors and add corporate logos to your calendar, or let people “buy” a page for their pet. Our Tiny Dog Calendar raises money with voting. Each vote costs $1 and the dogs with the most votes are featured in the calendar.

So if all of these points are covered, jump in and have some fun. Calendars are creative and can not only make money for your group, but will be the “face” of your group to lots of new people via the internet.  Make sure yours represents you well.




The Tiny Dog Calendars are here!

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Our 2017 Tiny Dog calendars are available this week –and until they’re sold out — at our Etsy shop here.    But even better than that, these beautiful dogs will become a traveling exhibit of framed art to inspire people to adopt!  We’ve taken 14 of the rescue dogs from the calendar model group and added their “rescue stories” in text on the photograph and then framed them for display.  Stay tuned for photos of the exhibit.  Maybe something that will work in your area?

Selling votes!

We’re busy selling votes for the 2017 Tiny Dog Calendar.  This is our annual fundraising project and the each vote costs $1.  Only the top 13 vote-getters make it in to the 2017 calendar, but each and every little model has fun in the process.

This year we collaborated with a wonderful local florist, Sheila Johnson of FLORAL CONCEPTS to create something colorful and spectacular for each of our models. No tired silk flowers for these babies!  We think the results are well worth it.  Our goal is to have a traveling display that will go up in several area public spaces to show off just how beautiful our furry friends are. And maybe inspire people to adopt or donate.

Most of the models are local rescues, but ALL of the voting money goes to a local charity — Artists for Animals — to help them save more homeless pets. The calendars will go on sale in the fall — as well as some limited edition greeting cards. So keep an eye on our Etsy shop for greeting cards, but you can PRE-order your calendars now.