Teresa with her two assistants, Flash & Maggie

For over seven years, photographer Teresa Berg has been creating portraits of  homeless animals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Partnering primarily with Dallas Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue, Collin County Humane Society and several other organizations, Teresa has helped raise awareness and increase adoption rates substantially.

Her photographs have helped speed up adoption rates and cut down time in foster care from 3-6 months to 8 weeks –making room for more homeless animals. She publishes calendars and greeting cards showing the beautiful faces of adopted animals to raise awareness for their quality and beauty.

Teresa Berg is a nationally recognized photographer with more than 20 years of professional photography experience. Berg specializes in artistic pet and family portraits for a sophisticated clientele.

Berg’s work has been featured on the CBS Early Show, CBS News Sunday Morning, The Today Show online, BBC Radio, The Dallas Morning News, The Toronto Star, Professional Photographer Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Doxie Digest, and numerous blogs. Her volunteer efforts have saved hundreds of dogs and raised thousands of dollars for animal rescue.

She is a graduate of the Elkins Institute of Photography and a member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Berg co-authored the book: DOG SHOTS | Tips & Tricks for Pet Photographers, which serves as a guide to helping professional photographers. Additionally, she offers webinars which teach both professional and non-professional photographers the intricacies of photographing dogs. She also shares her efforts with animal rescue groups and provides tips on how others can do the same.

See her dog photography website here

Teresa and co-instructors Bev Hollis and Barbara Breitsameter taught fine art pet photography in the Unleashed Workshops. Teresa continues to teach from her Dallas studio and occasional side trips for portfolio shooting for various groups. Want a workshop in your area?  Let us know!


  1. caught you on cbs morning show this morning(September 18 2011). You’re great. We have a couple
    of great photographers and I”ve forwarded your link on to them. I was like “wow, I should have had
    a V8 !Thanks! Charlotte Craig, Cape Girardeau, MO

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know your link to the dog photography website shows that it has a virus and have been trying to visit it for a few days now. Perhaps you can check that out? Thanks.

  3. Sorry to see that I missed the January 16th webinar. Would very much like to hear when the next one is planned – excited by the possibilities! Thank you,

    1. Hi Rebecca
      We will schedule our next webinar for late February or early March…. but if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll get all the news and information automatically! Just type your email address in to the box and it will notify you every time we post new information.

  4. Hi teresa,
    My name is kennedy and my school is doing a fundraiser to help dogs and cats at the humane society i love animals so much and just by my self i cllect cans to turn them in and get money and buy dog and cat food for the shelter! I am so glad someone is this world is stepping up and making a difference in the dogs perspective! thanks so much!!!:)

  5. Teresa: What a wonderful way to show your talent and love for little ones who often don’t have much say in their lives! I’m a professional commercial photographer in the Chattanooga area, and am working with our local shelter to help them create beautiful images of their dogs, cats, horses, etc. so that we can get them adopted or at least off to a rescue unit. What a great way to showcase our talents at the same time having subjects with such a beautiful nature to work with (no bad hair days, my face looks funny, etc.)!

    BTW, you do beautiful work!

    Keep up the good work!

    Michele Winter Johnson
    MW Johnson Photography

  6. Wow great what you are doing! The thing is that at my local shelter you have to have you parent with you because i am only 11!!

  7. I just read the article about you in Reader’s Digest. What you’re doing (or have been doing) is brilliant. It’s a great idea from someone with an obviously greater heart. A million high-paws to you!

  8. Thanks for all you do and continue to do my two rescues say thanks. Great too see someone paying it forward.


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