Ready to learn more about pet photography?

It starts because we love pets.  Cell phone photos, social media, animal rescue work, dog parks — pretty soon your only friends are pet lovers and neighbors with pets.  You buy a camera.  People see your camera and think “hey,  fancy camera! she really knows something about photography” –but do you really?

dog portraits teresa berg


DSLRs are great tools, but they don’t do all the thinking for you. And they don’t have your vision. If only they could read our minds!  For the last 8 years I’ve been teaching people how to use their cameras. Really use them.  In manual, in different shooting modes, in studio settings, in animal shelters and outdoors.  I don’t have a day job. I am a full time professional photographer with a real studio. And I’m a passionate animal advocate.

There are very few short cuts (if you’re still reading you’ve probably found that out) to learning it right.  And to be honest, I’m a little tired of people calling themselves photographers when they really only know one or two tricks!  Yes, we all have to start somewhere, but please be honest with yourself. If you love it enough to buy an expensive camera — don’t you want to do more than just get one good shot out of every 25?  Maybe you’d like to do it full time some day?

BAR1_0187 demo

Our workshops are designed to not only help you get lots of good photographs, but to have fun doing it. You spend a few days with people who love pets like you do and you have great fun learning hands-on with live models in the studio playing with light.  If that sounds like something you would like to do, sign up for our next workshop!

2017 Studio Shooters Unleashed:   July 14-16,  in Dallas at Teresa Berg Photography.  Tuition is $995 (lunch and snacks included). Special rates at the local Marriott (around $75 per night!) and no rental car needed. Once you get to the hotel we all carpool back and forth — it’s just a mile). Call us for more info:  972-250-2415 and visit our blog:


  1. I would really like to take the workshop, but I am in Dallas only in November and May.  If you every have one then – I would love to attend. I wrote to you earlier.  I do most of the photography for the Kauai Humane Society as a volunteer.  I know that my photos have made a difference.  I have been gone a couple of weeks, (to Dallas) and the web site is terrible because of it.  Kauai Humane Society does a program “take a dog out for the day” for visitors that come to our beautiful island.  Many get adopted this way.  Small island LOTS of dogs.  Visitors look at the web site to see if they want to take somebody out for the day.  They also transfer many off island for a better chance of being adopted, good photos are a must. I have learned some great things from your blog.  I learned to take 2 glamor photos and try to get at least one goofy one that shows the personality. Love what you do!! Aloha, Faye ReeseKauai, HI

    1. Thank you, Faye! We do private mentoring sessions, too — or semi-private (share the cost with a friend!) but usually don’t schedule workshops during November and May because those are super busy months for us. But you and I will connect someday I’m sure of it. Good to hear from you!

  2. I am very interested in your training however I reside in Wisconsin. Do you have any sessions scheduled nearby?

    Thank you!
    Love your work!

    1. At this time, we don’t have any plans to teach in Wisconsin — but if you have a group that is interested, please contact us and maybe we can put something together? It usually takes about 10 people to make it financially viable for us to make a trip.
      Thanks for your kind words!

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