Month: December 2015

Holiday photos? yikes!

They look like so much fun — and Santa’s there to hold your four-legged model, so they should be easy, right?  Maybe not.  But they will definitely be fun.

A couple of tips for success:

  1. Do not let dogs waiting to be photographed  line up close to your shooting area. It creates a very difficult situation because your subject will want to look at THEM, not you.
  2. Use treats sparingly. The package of treats (if it crinkles) will make a better attention-getter than almost anything else.
  3. Work fast.  You don’t really have time to get the dogs to settle down, so make sure Santa knows how to hold the dog gently, but firmly  — and quickly grab his attention and get your shot.  The longer he sits, the longer he squirms. Santa should NOT engage with the dog — you want the camera to be interesting, not the Santa.

A lot of photographers try and make money doing Santa photos but it’s almost impossible to make it profitable. But if you do it, do it for donations to your favorite animal charity and don’t expect to make money. Have fun!