Using strong colors in the background

We love color and the way it JUMPS off the screen — especially when potential adopters are searching a long list of adoptable dogs — we like the way the color reaches out and says “PICK ME.”  So this week we’ve been working with a couple of favorites – the savage seamless paper and the blue and yellow you see below.  If you go to  or  and you will see a dazzling array of different colors (just type BACKGROUND PAPER in the search box).  This narrow width is very portable and perfect for one dog — and affordable!  Less than $30 per roll — and one roll will last a very long time, since the only wear and tear is where the dog or cat actually stands.   No more wrinkly tablecloth backgrounds!

In this case, we just cut off a piece and taped it to the wall at the top and the floor at the bottom so we didn’t even need a background stand to hold the roll of paper. This works great if you’re working in a space where you don’t have much room or if you’re like me and hate to use more gear than you really need. We set up two colors side by side on a day when we’re expecting a lot of rescue dogs, that way we have a quick and easy choice and the chance to put a little variety on their website.  I will say that almost every dog we photograph looks good on this dark blue, so if you’re only going to try one, try BLUE!



teresa berg dog adoption photos PITC_della_017xPITC_valentina_168x


teresa berg lighting set up

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