Month: February 2015

Ready to take the next step? Two hands-on shooting opportunities with Teresa Berg

If you’re interested in moving past the basic automatic settings on your camera and taking PRO quality photographs, we have a couple of great workshops coming up this summer.

First, we’re doing some portfolio shooting in Minneapolis on August 1st (and possibly August 2nd if we have enough people interested in a second day). This is for photographers that know a little bit about their camera but are tired of making “snapshots”. They’re looking to add depth and interest to their compositions and expand their tool kit when it comes to lighting and posing.  We won’t be shooting in a studio at all — it will be outdoors or possibly indoors but on location, not using studio type lighting. This type of workshop will be learning as we move from location to location setting up shots and getting the lighting right.  No sitting in a classroom, no business lectures, no paperwork or handouts.  We will set up shots, troubleshoot, talk about composition and lighting as we go and learn, learn, learn.  Lots of walking and lots of fun.  The cost to you is $500 per day.  Maximum of 6 people in the group shooting with live models.

Secondly, we will hold our third annual Studio Shooters Unleashed at Teresa’s studio in Dallas on July 10-12.  July in Dallas is a great time to stay indoors and experiment with light and all types of equipment. We’ll use anything and everything to create beautiful studio portraits using Teresa’s props, backdrops and equipment. All you bring is your camera. Because we have a little more time, we’ll go deeper into exposure, metering, adding people to your shots, multiple dogs, litters of puppies, using unusual props, and more.  We cater in lunches so we can maximize our time. We’ll have an optional group dinner at the end of the first day so everyone can relax and get to know each other. Cost for this two day workshop is $995. Maximum of 10 people.

teresa berg puppy images

 I you are interested in either of these workshops, please email us at or call the studio at 972-250-2415 and we will send you the registration email with more details. Payment in full is due when you register and is non-refundable. If you find out later that you cannot attend, you can sell your seat to another photographer, but we do not issue refunds.

You can pay via paypal, credit card or check.   Discount hotel rooms will be available in Dallas (tentatively $59 per night at the Marriott Quorum which is 1 mile from the studio) You will not need a rental car in Dallas as we usually have plenty of drivers to shuttle people back and forth from the hotel to the studio.  Lunches and snacks are included.

White on white? A few ideas that might work for you

Everybody likes the behind-the-scenes shots (we call them pullbacks) so I thought I’d share the set up we used yesterday when we had 10 adoption photo sessions.  Normally I wouldn’t use the same background for all of them but I wanted to see how much variety I could get using just one set up.  The last little guy was white and smart as a whip.  I thought this would make a good example of a white on white shot.

teresa berg's focus on rescue blog LHS_feb15_0524x LHS_feb15_0532x

As you can see, you can vary the color of the background from white to gray just by pulling your lights back , or even turning the power down. This is NOT my standard high key set up, because I usually use TWO lights on the background turned down low. But on this day I wanted the background to go a little gray.  If you expose these shots properly, you will not lose detail in the dog’s fur and you create a nice bright scene with few distractions.  We love adding the bow ties or the toys for a pop of color.  If you’d like to learn how to use studio lighting or just need an opportunity to practice and figure out what type of lighting system you need — sign up for our Studio Lighting Unleashed workshop this summer.  July 10-12 at Teresa Berg Photography in Dallas. Cost: $995. Lunches provided.  Two full days of playing with lots of different lighting equipment and shooting with live models!  It’s lots of fun.  Email for more information:

shooting white on white futon

Hopefully these shots will give you the inspiration to start practicing with a white background which is the absolute best way to show off a dog with a dark face!  pet photography tips by Teresa Berg