Create a campaign and save more lives…

Does the shelter or rescue organization that you work with have a surplus of older dogs? Black dogs? Kittens? Chihuahuas? Chances are that you see some trends and it’s smart to try and anticipate what kind of “marketing” you’ll need for whatever that surplus seems to be. I tend to bounce from one specialty group to the next, like most people, putting out fires. Right now it seems to be the senior dogs that are getting overlooked. Maybe because it’s “puppy season.” Well, to me that’s just a shame because older dogs make great pets for many families. So when I photographed this older guy, Rex, recently for Operation Kindness we decided to build a campaign around the idea that older dogs are not all used up! So we photographed Rex leaping for a tennis ball –one of his favorite activities. We don’t want to mislead anyone — so if he really wasn’t a tennis ball lover we would have found some other way to highlight his good qualities — but you get the idea. Figure out what makes that certain group that you want to “market” special and then make a few cute photos to illustrate those points and let them fly on social media. Print a poster for the lobby (if you’re working with a shelter that has an adoption center), ask if you can put up a poster at the local bank or market. There are dog lovers everywhere so don’t be shy!

adopt a senior dog

a few clever words can make your message travel

We still have some openings for our DOG SHOTS class held at Teresa Berg Photography on Saturday, May 31st — so if you’re a beginner and still having issues with your camera or you just want to learn it the right way — call the studio at 972-250-2415 and we’ll answer any questions you might have about the workshop. It’s a full day of learning for beginners with Teresa and some very handsome live dog models.

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