Another great video | Animal rescue photography

I recently ran across this short video showing photographer Portia Shao shooting at her local animal shelter. It includes a great testimonial from the assistant manager of the shelter describing the effect that good photography has made on their adoptions.  Please share the video!  And be sure and look at the lighting setup. For those of you using studio lights, she gives a good look at light placement and backgrounds.  Enjoy!


  1. We will have to try the vinyl backdrop. I have always used fleece because it is virtually wrinkle free and washable.

    1. It depends a lot on the dog. Many are very stressed, and it takes a bit longer to make friends and get them to settle down a bit. Some are relaxed and we can shoot for 5 minutes and have 3 good photos right away. We work very hard to keep it quiet and low-stress for the pets we photograph. If we are photographing a dog for a paying client, our sessions last about an hour.

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