Best Friends Animal Society | free webinar

Teresa Berg and Best Friends Animal Society are teaming up to talk about photographing adoptable pets….and you can attend the webinar free!  Just sign up here 

The Best Friends Animal Society is a great national organization that works with Petfinder and other groups to raise adoption rates for rescue groups and lower euthanasia rates in high-kill cities.  Now, we’re working together to talk about marketing homeless pets and moving them OUT of shelters and foster homes faster and IN to their forever homes.

They have all sorts of cool downloadable resources like this action kit on how to organize a four-legged food drive in your community.  So don’t feel like there is nothing you can do — grab a camera, grab a friend, and make an action plan!

Check out their facebook page, too!

homeless dog portraits

Showing the eyes and getting the ears UP is key in making a black dog look friendlier


  1. the action kit comes from the Best Friends Animal Society — if you’re having trouble with the link, you should ask them for help. Sorry I can’t help. Maybe contact them through their website?

    1. I really like them, too…. hope I get to work with them again! You and I should collaborate, too — do you ever teach people (non-professionals) how to do something similar to what you do?

    1. We don’t have a live webinar scheduled for the next couple of months, but you can buy the recorded version for $40 and share it over and over with the group at your shelter. Just click on the webinar tab of this blog for details.

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