Month: October 2012

Photographing Adoptable Pets — a multi-level marketing scheme

When you start photographing adoptable pets for a local rescue group or shelter it will take a little time to “get in the groove.”  You need to find a helper, or train someone with the rescue group to be your assistant. Finding just the right location and experimenting with different lighting conditions can also take some time.  But once you figure out the variables and feel more confident, you’re going to help save a lot of dogs. It’s a fact.

THEN, the rave reviews start coming in and people approach you and tell you they adopted their new dog because of YOUR photograph. The rescue group will start getting comments on their website or blog, the local newspaper might catch wind of the story and want to write about you. All of a sudden YOU are making a real difference.

Now what?  I decided a long time ago that one camera can only save so many dogs — but every dog lover with a camera knows another dog lover with a camera.  You can see where I’m going with this.  Yep. It’s multi-level marketing.   If you’re handling the dogs and your camera with some success — you’re ready to get someone else started!  The world can only get better.

Share this blog with them, tell them about Hearts Speak ( ) and — have them work side-by-side with you  a couple of times — then you can relax and share the happy endings.

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Using a slogan or tagline with your rescue portraits can be very effective for raising awareness

Best Friends Animal Society | free webinar

Teresa Berg and Best Friends Animal Society are teaming up to talk about photographing adoptable pets….and you can attend the webinar free!  Just sign up here 

The Best Friends Animal Society is a great national organization that works with Petfinder and other groups to raise adoption rates for rescue groups and lower euthanasia rates in high-kill cities.  Now, we’re working together to talk about marketing homeless pets and moving them OUT of shelters and foster homes faster and IN to their forever homes.

They have all sorts of cool downloadable resources like this action kit on how to organize a four-legged food drive in your community.  So don’t feel like there is nothing you can do — grab a camera, grab a friend, and make an action plan!

Check out their facebook page, too!

homeless dog portraits

Showing the eyes and getting the ears UP is key in making a black dog look friendlier