Using facebook to increase adoptions

The power of social media is no secret and facebook is definitely the leader of the pack.  What I often see on facebook is desperate pleas for funds (which I understand completely) and graphic images of wounded or miserable dogs on deathrow. I get it.  We’re all trying to do our part.  But what if, instead of sad bleeding dogs, we saw dogs that were smiling, ready for their new homes?   If you’ve stopped by here before I’m sure you’re already tired of this rant.

Now let’s consider facebook. If you or your rescue group or shelter has a facebook page (and they absolutely need one) you can watch the analytics and see which images travel.  Try this experiment. Post a photo of a sad pathetic dog and watch the stats.  THEN,  post a cute photo with an uplifting or humorous quote and watch what happens. According to facebook, Teresa Berg Photography has 1750 friends –this image was shared (as of 9:26am) 394 times and has a “reach” or was seen by 4301 people.  In less than 24 hours. Where else can your group get that kind of exposure?  Just be careful what and how you post, encourage everyone you know to “like” your page, and post something positive along with a photo of an adoptable dog — then stand back and watch the magic.

shelter dog photography teresa berg



  1. I am so thankful I have a good photo of my dear Katie Dog, who was as badly abused as a golden retriever can be. Her lovely brown eyes and copper coat show that she had learned to love and trust again. She was the mother dog of a puppy mill and it took her several years, but once she gave me her heart, she lived with joy and never looked back. I lost her last week to leukemia, and am forever grateful to have had her. Now that she is gone, her photos bring back so many happy memories of Katie Dog.

    Photos are not just for getting the animals a home, but also for remembering them after they are gone. And just in case you are wondering, I am already hoping I find another sweet golden heart to love.

    I have to say this is one of the dearest dog pictures I’ve ever seen! I am going to shut my eyes and wish she finds her home, and I find another abused golden to love back to health.

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