Animal Behavior specialist | Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM MS

I recently discovered a fabulous website with some really good resources for those of us who work with dogs.  Check out Dr. Yin’s website : The Art & Science of Animal Behavior.  There are lots of good tips and free downloads for us. Here I have included the download on recognizing fear in dogs. This is very important for photographers who approach unfamiliar dogs –not only do we need to know when to snap the picture, we need to know when to back off to avoid getting bitten. Know your subject! Thanks, Dr. Yin.

teresa berg dog photography workshops

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  1. I really just have a question. I was unable to take advantage of the 7/25 webinar. Is it still possible to purchase that download now? I really want to work with our shelter but have not
    been successful at this point. We have a relationship of sorts as we pull dogs for our prison
    dog training program and I also do rescue and transport. But the issue of photos and bios is
    a hurdle I cannot seem to get beyond. I do the photos and ads for our organization and have
    always found that the name and photo are your “hook” that grabs attention. Market, market,
    market! I missed the last workshop and am really hoping I can make the September date.
    Not only for the learning experience but to be in the company of other dog people!

    Vicky Friends of Animals in Need, Inc./Lucky Dog Program

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