Month: March 2012

Are you ready for pet photography? | Unleashed Photography Workshops

In 2009, two pet photographer friends and I started teaching a series of pet photography workshops called Unleashed.  Since many of the readers of this blog only know me as the “lady who photographs rescue dogs” I thought you should have a little background information –especially since we have a workshop coming up in June.

My friends, Barbara Breitsameter from Chicago and Bev Hollis, from the Washington D.C. area and I were on a mission to improve pet photography as a business and to raise public awareness for the art form itself. When we started, pet photographers were known as the people who set up a booth in the aisle at the pet store and did $15 portraits. I can honestly say, three years later, that we have made amazing progress.  We have taught workshops in Dallas, Chicago (twice), Virginia and now Dallas again for 2012. We keep evolving and learning and meeting wonderful photographers wherever we go. Many of our graduates have their own thriving pet photography businesses and are located all over the U.S. and Canada.

In 2011, we were honored to teach a full day at Imaging USA, the national conference for the Professional Photographers of America. We’ve been featured in Professional Photographer magazine and many other publications along the way and it’s been a wonderful experience for all three of us.  Our dear friend Barabara has opted not to teach with us this time, but we feel honored to once again offer an Unleashed workshop in here in Dallas on June 2-4th.

If you love dogs and love photography it’s probably the most fun you will ever have at a workshop. You need a DSLR and a lot of energy –but most of all, a love for dogs. You can read all about it on the Unleashed blog. We keep the group small so that we can work “hands on” with all of our students, so if you’re interested don’t delay.

I’m including last year’s promo video here but I warn you –it will make you want to run out and become a full time pet photographer!

What’s in your tool kit? | Teresa Berg Pet Photography

This simple little basket is a life-saver!  I set it next to me when I’m shooting and it keeps me from having to jump up and go hunting for the little treasures that it holds. I can’t tell you how distracting it is for your subject when you walk away and start digging in a drawer or a box. Their concentration will be completely blown. I keep a couple of noise makers, a couple of eye-catching things (for deaf dogs and hunting dogs) and a few treats and some bling.  What could be better?  Make a list of things you need and keep them close at hand.

I originally photographed this basket as a part of my preparation for the Unleashed Workshop — which we will be offering again soon.

teresa berg pet photography tips

April webinar date | animal adoption photos

Mark your calendars for our April webinar:  Monday, April 30th at 6:00pm central time

If you haven’t attended one of these online classes, you’re in for a busy two hours!  The last 30 minutes is reserved for questions from the audience, so make a note of any ideas or problems you may be having with your pet photography and if we don’t cover it during class, we’ll answer your questions until we run out of time.

The class also includes membership in the private facebook group where we can all share and learn from each other.

dallas pet portraits

Pet Adoption Portraits | Saving lives!

Just a few days left to sign up for the March webinar! We’ve scheduled it for March 13th at 6:30pm Central time. Use the pull down menu (above) to sign up.

We’ve added a couple of new ideas for outdoor shooting — and we’ve started our private facebook group for webinar attendees. So now you can watch, learn, practice and share with other people around the country who are doing animal adoption portraits.  It’s been fun seeing photos posted by people who took the webinar a few months ago and hearing about their success!

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