Dog Makeovers | Marketing Shelter Pets

Everywhere I turn I see wonderful examples of people helping pets get adopted. The latest GREAT IDEA was posted on the Bark magazine website. A story about a photographer working with an ad agency, an animal shelter and a dog grooming business to do makeovers and show off adoptable dogs.

This is a great way for an ad agency to get give back to their community AND in the same breath, put the animal shelter on the radar. Most people have no idea what great pets are available! Here’s the link to the story:

For those of you who are working with a rescue group or animal shelter — how about looking for a groomer and an advertising agency (or PR firm) to partner with?  You’ll need some before and after samples of your pet photos to show them, as well as the copy of Bark magazine featuring this article. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get them interested!

We’ll talk more about marketing shelter pets in the upcoming webinar, March 13 at 6:30pm Central time.

marketing shelter pets

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  1. We have been lucky enough to have 2 professional photographers volunteering with our Sac County Shelter, plus a retired groomer. I think another way to promote the animals would be to work with a photography class and/or club for more exposure and more experience. I love your props; we’ll have to work on those.

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