What camera should I buy? | animal adoption photography

I’ve been studying options for point & shoot cameras… and it’s surprising how good these cameras are getting.  A couple of very important tips if you’re planning on doing a lot of pet photography — (1) get a fast lens!  (2) get a camera with image stabilization technology and (3) get a camera where you can choose whether to use the built-in flash.  The cheaper p&s cameras all have flashes built in, but some of them fire whether you want them to or not.

I shop a lot online at Adorama, which is a big photographic supply company in New York and I have often purchased used equipment from them with excellent results. Today I was shopping and found THIS.  A used Canon G7.  A great camera with all of the above features and only $169!  It has a fast (2.8) lens, image stabilization and  with 10 megapixels you’ll get all the detail you need. It also has great low light capabilities (with ISO up to 1600!) so you won’t be dependent on flash and other supplemental light sources.   So if you’re camera shopping to improve your pet photography and you’re not ready for a DSLR, buy one like this and love the results.

We’ll talk more about camera features and equipment in the webinar. Our next class is Tuesday, March 13th at 6:30pm CENTRAL time. Sign up information is in pull down menu (above).  Join us!

dallas pet photographer

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