Pet portraits boost adoption rates | Point & Shoot Cameras

I know that a lot of you are not prepared to sink a lot of money in to photography equipment and only want to photograph your pets and adoptable pets for a local group. So I am constantly trying to offer helpful hints that are easy on the pocketbook. This also supports my long held belief that it is NOT the camera that makes a good shot –it’s the skill of the photographer.  If you want to see a photographer bristle,  just say something like “wow! that’s a great shot –you must have a really good camera!”  They will not be able to walk away from you fast enough.

I recently stumbled across a great article on point and shoot cameras on Photoshelter that I wanted to share with you. This article talks about which p&s cameras professional photographers use. Those of us who actually make a living with our cameras LOVE to be able to have simple, lightweight cameras to take on vacation or just to have with us wherever we go –so professionals buy these cameras, too.  And some of them have price tags that will surprise you. So if you’re in the market for a new p&s camera and you want to see what they can do in the hands of a professional — read the article and look at the sample photos they have posted.  Remember that a fast lens is very important, so when you’re comparing, look for that low f number.  In other words, a 2.0 lens is faster than a 6.3 lens.  The faster the lens, the less supplemental light you will need –and wouldn’t we all be thrilled if we didn’t have to mess with a flash??

Happy reading!


  1. I am extremely interested in a workshop or internet class. I know some animals that need homes in my area that need homes. My love of photography will finally be used for nonprofit. Can I please get pricing and any additional information, please???? I am in DFW/Ft area. Please S soon as I can

    1. Shelley-
      If you are interested in our hands-on two day workshop you can read more about it at We still have a few seats left. It’s scheduled for June 2-4.

      If that’s more than you want to take on, you can sign up for the April webinar for animal adoption photos, it’s geared for volunteers with very simple equipment and very basic skills.

    2. Shelley
      We have a full three day workshop starting in September here in Dallas that may interest you. It’s called Unleashed, and we’ve been teaching it since 2009. It’s for people with DSLRs who want to learn the art and business side of pet photography. You can read more about it at

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