Animal Rescue Photos | Increasing adoption rates with a camera!

Teresa:     Your webinar proved to be worth  its’ weight in gold!  I learned so much in such a short period of time; your counsel about starting with a rescue group was critical…it never occurred to me! And I would have gone straight to the shelter and bumbled around……your tutorial gave me some direction and it offered very simple solutions on lighting which was an enormous relief as I pictured having to spend a small fortune to get started!  Many thanks to you for offering this learning experience and please keep me on your mailing lists for more!                   —Susan

animal rescue photography

Thanks, Susan!   I’m posting this for the benefit of many of our new readers who may never have thought about approaching a rescue group vs. an animal shelter. Almost every community in America has an assortment of breed specific (and non-specific) groups who are desperate to increase their adoption rates. They often pull their animals out of shelters just before they are euthanized and then begin the long process of finding that pet his new home.

The advantages for the photographer are many. These pets have had a little time “out of jail” to settle down and get a little love and attention — making them calmer and more at ease in front of the camera.  Foster parents often teach them manners and give them some people skills, and they can often give you clues as to how to “reach” them and hold their interest.

Picking a reputable group is critical –they must have a good website and access to online adoption postings to really be successful. Check out our page on “getting started” for tips on how to pick the right group.  Start with your favorite breed, google that breed with the name of your community after it (i.e.  dachshund rescue dallas ) and you’ll be surprised at what you find. Start building a partnership and start saving lives!

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