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Pet photography | How to photograph rescue pets

pet photography workshop

Announcing our next webinar! Monday, February 20th  at 11am Central time.  This is the President’s Day holiday for many people, so hopefully it will be a great time to relax in front of your computer with a cup of tea and take a class.

Read more about the class by clicking  “sign up: webinars” (above).  Sign up here:

Show the positive side of shelter pets | Increase adoption rates

I am copying this article from because it’s just so important. Share this with all of your friends who are posting and sharing photos of half-dead animals with open wounds. Why should we reinforce the idea that shelter pets are damaged goods?  Read this short article and see how focusing on the positive side of pet adoption really gave the Austin Humane Society a boost…

Shift Away From Negative Ads Increases Giving to Animal Shelter

May 26, 2011, 9:30 am

By Holly Hall

Whimsical ads are behind increased giving to the Austin Humane Society.

Many organizations worry about making a bold change to their advertising, notes M.P. Mueller, an advertising-agency owner in Austin, Tex., who writes for a New York Times blog. But doing so has increased donations and recruited scores of new volunteers for the Austin Humane Society, in Texas, she notes.

Aided by Ms. Mueller’s advertising agency, Door Number 3, also in Austin, the humane society dropped its grim spots about animal abuse and neglect starting early last year. Such heart-wrenching advertising works with animal lovers, but the results tend to be short-lived, the charity found.

Instead the charity has opted for a series of happier messages, like the ad shown here that focuses on the lifelong bonds and emotional connections between owners and their pets. “I’m not on Twitter,” the exuberant dog in the ad promises readers, “but I’ll still follow you.”

The campaign also added to the humane society’s Web site several humorous videos featuring talking animals, as well as “Trap Cat,” an online game that educates players about the charity’s efforts to spay and neuter feral cats.

Results have been impressive. By the end of last year, the Austin Humane Society   reported a 13-percent rise in contributions, not including bequests and other planned gifts, and it has maintained the gains this year, says Amanda Ryan-Smith, director of development. The charity’s most recent year-end appeal based on the ad campaign’s approach generated $100,000, double the amount it raised in 2009.

Animal adoptions also increased last year and have continued to grow. From January through April of this year, for example, the humane society has placed 838 pets with new owners, up from 770 during the same months in 2010.

What’s more, the charity gained many more volunteers after it started the ad campaign: Last year volunteers logged 95,000 hours, up from just 40,000 hours in 2009, before the campaign started.

Animal Rescue Photos | Increasing adoption rates with a camera!

Teresa:     Your webinar proved to be worth  its’ weight in gold!  I learned so much in such a short period of time; your counsel about starting with a rescue group was critical…it never occurred to me! And I would have gone straight to the shelter and bumbled around……your tutorial gave me some direction and it offered very simple solutions on lighting which was an enormous relief as I pictured having to spend a small fortune to get started!  Many thanks to you for offering this learning experience and please keep me on your mailing lists for more!                   —Susan

animal rescue photography

Thanks, Susan!   I’m posting this for the benefit of many of our new readers who may never have thought about approaching a rescue group vs. an animal shelter. Almost every community in America has an assortment of breed specific (and non-specific) groups who are desperate to increase their adoption rates. They often pull their animals out of shelters just before they are euthanized and then begin the long process of finding that pet his new home.

The advantages for the photographer are many. These pets have had a little time “out of jail” to settle down and get a little love and attention — making them calmer and more at ease in front of the camera.  Foster parents often teach them manners and give them some people skills, and they can often give you clues as to how to “reach” them and hold their interest.

Picking a reputable group is critical –they must have a good website and access to online adoption postings to really be successful. Check out our page on “getting started” for tips on how to pick the right group.  Start with your favorite breed, google that breed with the name of your community after it (i.e.  dachshund rescue dallas ) and you’ll be surprised at what you find. Start building a partnership and start saving lives!

Makeover videos transform shelter pets into film stars

Note from Teresa: Those of you that have attended the webinar will remember the comments I made about using videos to help increase adoptions. This link will show you the videos done by Jaime Anderson, the woman I spoke to you about. Your videos can be very effective! 

Makeover videos transform once-neglected shelter pets into film stars – DFW Animal Rescue | DFW Animal Rescue.

Fundraising for animal rescue WITH PHOTOGRAPHY!

I’m really excited to share the date and details for our big concert for Paws In the City.  I am working with Erin Hannigan, Principal Oboist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and a couple of her musician friends to produce this wonderful event to raise money for pitbull rescue in Texas.  If you don’t know about Paws In the City, they rescue lots of pit bulls and most of the animals they save come from Dallas Animal Services. They are the last chance most of these dogs have.  So join us for this fun “date night for dog lovers” and meet Jesse Pibble, the handsome star and spokesdog for the event.

Your $50 ticket includes the concert, wine and dessert — and there will be dinner available ‘on the curb’ from the fabulous City Street Grille catering truck. And also a great silent auction!  The venue is the posh urban event space EVENT1013 in old downtown Plano. AND it’s the day before Valentine’s Day so you can surprise your sweetheart and save doggies at the same time!   Buy tickets online here:

Jesse Pibble and Paws in the City