Month: December 2011

Dog Portraits | Better Marketing for Shelter Pets!

If you saw us recently on CBS The Early Show, you know what we’re all about. Saving dogs and other shelter animals! We found that these animals just weren’t getting the best marketing –and you can’t fault the employees of the animal shelters. They are overworked and underpaid, and have little or no time to perfect their photography skills. But that’s what it takes. Good photography and good marketing to raise the public’s awareness for the quality and beauty of these animals.

Over and over, we see TV commercials depicting shelter animals as pathetic, injured, battered and miserable. No wonder the average family goes to a puppy mill or a pet store — they sell cute little fluffy babies. What we never see is the living conditions of the animals that are left behind to breed litter after litter with little or no affection or basic health care.

We photograph animals for their online adoption listings, for rescue blogs, and for facebook. We make sure each animal has a clear photograph showing them at their best. No “jail shots” through the cage door with glowing green eyes. And no “cowering in the corner” shots. We pay attention to lighting and their body language and try to represent them as the beautiful little spirits that they are. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We find that just a decent photograph can increase adoption rates up to 100%.

So join us in a national effort to give shelter pets better marketing! Reach out to a rescue group or animal shelter in YOUR community and volunteer. If you don’t have the photography skills, take one of our webinars (see the sign up page on this blog)– or even a class at your local community college. You don’t have to be a professional and you don’t even have to own an expensive camera. You DO need a few basic lighting skills, patience, and a deep love for your subjects. You can do this!

animal rescue photography teresa berg

CBS The Early Show | Teresa Berg animal rescue photography

I received a call a few days ago from CBS in New York. They are planning to re-run our Steve Hartman interview from September!  If you’re home and up for The Early Show this coming Monday, December 26th be sure to tune in. Better yet, if you have a friend who wants to know more about photographing animals to help raise adoption rates, tell THEM about it.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  Lots of our four-legged friends are resting warmly with their new families because of your efforts. Truly something to be grateful for… this is Emmanuel. He’s still looking.

humane society photos teresa berg

2012 Tiny Dog Calendar | Animal Rescue Photography

The 2012 Tiny Dog Calendar is a fun annual project for me.  This year, our calendar is all rescue dogs, and the profits go to animal rescue charities — so if you need a few ‘stocking stuffers’ for your dog-loving friends, you can order them here  in the Teresa Berg Photography Etsy shop.  They’re just $10 each and come in their own little plastic flip up stand.

Animal Rescue Photography