Shelter Dog Photography | Saving animals lives with your camera

We have one more webinar scheduled — Wednesday, December 14th at 6pm Central time.   Just click the sign up tab (above) to find out more about it.  Please help us spread the word!  We’d love to hear some of the success stories from those of you who have now been working with your local rescue groups since attending one of our webinars, so please add them to the comments on this post?


  1. I was part of the last webinar and it has literally changed my world! The shelter that I helped out made a calendar with many of our pictures…we can help raise money as well as getting people to notice what great pets are at the shelter! We are now at our winter home and we begin taking pictures at the shelter here tomorrow. I put together a 3 ring binder with some sample pictures we have done, made up business cards and even put up a web site! I think this has helped to add credence to my “business”. We are also doing Santa with Your Pet images at a local Santa’s Workshop that benefits various charities. I love photography. I love animals. I love to help. I am in heaven!! I will continue to educate myself and hope to improve my images as time goes by. Thank you Teresa!

  2. Hi Teresa- I wanted to share a tip for shelters about a homemade reflector. Our dog food order didn’t arrive on time, so I had to pick up a bag of dog food at the store. I grabbed Beneful and noticed that is has a foil lining inside the bag. I cut the bag open and it makes a nice reflector surface.

  3. Hi Teresa. I saw the TV piece on you and it inspired me to take action, thank you. I am now volunteering as a photographer at a rescue in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

  4. Hi Theresa!

    I attended your last webinar and it was amazing!! I learned so much! Thank you so very much. I have been in contact with several shelters in my area and met with some resistance. I am not persistent in my everyday life but when it comes to saving dogs….I somehow find my voice. I have finally (fingers crossed) gotten through to our one large shelter and I am currently waiting to,hear back again. I initially went in person and when I didn’t hear back, I sent an e-mail with photos attached and got an immediate response. Thank you Theresa …. You are truly making a difference!! I attached the before and after photos of my own shelter dogs and that is when they called!!

  5. Dear Theresa,

    First, thank you for all you do for rescue dogs. I have been looking at dog photos at rescue and shelter sites and have noticed exactly what you said, that the dogs don’t stand a chance with some of the fearful, depressed images posted. I understand funds, personnel, and time are not in great supply for taking and posting better pictures and that shelter staff do the best they can while managing many other issues.

    I have studied, volunteered, and worked with animals over the years so it should be simple enough for me to volunteer at one or more of my local shelters to take better pictures of my favorites: dogs.

    I see you’re offering the Webinar on the 16th. I’m going to try to take it. I have offered my home to my father (in-law) who is dealing with terminal cancer, and we have visitors from out of town, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend on Monday. If not, I hope to attend the next one, if you could please tell me when that will be. I’m a traveler, so if you offer a live class, and the timing is okay, I will gladly be there. I’m not a photographer, but I have a pocket Cannon that takes good enough vacation photos, if that’s all right.

    My dog, Lucy, a Jack Russell mix died two years ago in the spring. I still think of her and miss her every day. She was a rescue dog–and it’s true what they say, it’s as if they know they’ve been rescued, and there’s nothing they won’t do to show you how much it means. I mentioned I’ve been wanting to volunteer to photo the dogs, but haven’t had confidence in my abilities and don’t want to waste staff time or stress the animals for mediocre results. I am very much looking forward to learning. In the meanwhile, if you have some books you can recommend, I’m hoping to be ready when your next class begins.

    Again, thank you so much for all you do. Peace and all good things for you in your work and in life.

    Diane Solis

    1. Thank you, Diane. I hope you can make it on the 16th. We don’t have a February webinar scheduled and may skip a month because of our event “An Evening for Dog Lovers” which will be held to raise money for a local rescue group. But please subscribe to this blog and you will continue to get all the latest dates and postings as soon as they are available. Just type your email address in to the “subscribe” box and we’ll notify you every time there is a new post.

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