1. I just found your blog and can’t believe I missed the webinar! Any chance you’ll be doing another? I’m working with a local rescue and I could use some tips. Thanks!

    1. We will certainly be doing more webinars. Our next one has not been scheduled yet, but it looks like late December or early January. Subscribe to this blog and you’ll get all the info as soon as it is available

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for taking the time to educate volunteers in the art of animal
    photography. Your ideas and tips will speed our learning curve
    I volunteer at Ark-Valley Humane Society located in Buena Vista and Poncha Springs CO (ark-valley.org). They are a small no-kill shelter that averages about 150 cats and dogs daily in the shelters and foster care. About 900 animals a year pass through their doors with a 97% adoption rate! It’s a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group!
    Our volunteer coordinator Laura Carter tried to encourage volunteers to
    step up and take additional photos and videos of the cats and dogs last
    spring. There was little response. After viewing the 60 minute clip
    focusing on your work Laura and several volunteers got very excited to
    try and improve our web photos. Watching what you did on that show was a
    real inspiration! Our staff does a good job photographing the animals during entry processing,
    but with limited time, the photo they take when the pet enters the
    shelter doesn’t always show the cat or dog at their best.
    Lisa Martzke, another AVHS volunteer and myself have attended your Focus on Rescue webinar. We
    gathered our first photo efforts together and with Laura’s
    organizational skills she and Lisa put together a calender using Lulu.com to sell as
    a AVHS fund raiser. I am sending you a copy. I’m sure by next fall when
    we select photos for a second calender we will be more experienced and skilled
    but we a proud of our first attempt. Like you stated in your webinar, sometimes you just have to get out there and DO IT and give it your best!
    I received and reviewed the webinar notes today. I will print them out
    and use them as my guide. Thank you for making the information user
    It was a pleasure being part of your webinar. I will follow the blog
    and use that information presented there to improve my techniques and artistry.
    Best regards,
    Judy Haines

  3. Oops! I want to make a correction to my comment about Ark-Valley’s 97%. I should have used the term “live release” rate not adoption rate. That percentage includes adoptions, reclaims, and transport out to other facilities. Sorry for my mistake.

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