Focus on Rescue Webinars | Webinar with Teresa Berg October 12, 6-8pm CDT

Yesterday’s webinar was awesome! We had a great group, lots of good questions and covered everything we needed to cover. Thank you very much for the words of praise. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it and I know we will soon be saving lives with our cameras.

We have also set up an addtional webinar for October 12th, so if you are unable to attend this evening, sign up for this new date!  We’ll post a link tomorrow to avoid the confusion of having two links active at the same time.

We’ll be emailing a pdf with the class notes to yesterday’s group — but it may be tomorrow before they’re ready!


dog photography teresa berg


  1. Greetings, Teresa – A friend sent me your link and I’m delighted she did. I’ve recently arrived in Cuenca, Ecuador to help out here with dog rescue/adoption and only wish I could take the kinds of pix I do of my own animals, let alone that you do of all animals. Trouble is, the dogs I’m working to place live at a huge rural refuge – we’re talking @150 dogs sheltered in (dry) concrete bunkers – where there’s no hot water, no clean non-muddied places, and no possible way to groom. I’ve taken some lovely pix but they’re all the pathetic kind! Nevertheless…my plan is to foster one dog at a time, and once I get that baby a mi casa, I’ll be bringing out the pearls. Looking forward to reading your posts. All the best, KL

    1. Thanks for your message! My ex-husband lives in Cuenca — a wonderful place, I hear! I understand how difficult it might be. Maybe you can find a nice place OUTSIDE of the concrete building where you can start snapping some portraits? best of luck! Teresa

    1. at the top of the home page of this blog, there is a tab that you can click it says “webinar sign up info”

      pay via paypal and we’ll email you an invitation. thanks!

  2. Hi Teresa,

    I am with a rescue group in Houston and would have loved to have participated in the webinar, but didn’t see it in time. Might you consider hosting it again?

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