Photographers Can Save Lives

dogs available for adoptionYour camera is a powerful tool — but your vision as a photographer can help save homeless animals. Read the information on this blog about volunteering with your local animal rescue group and see the difference you can make! We just photographed our 250th dog for the Dallas Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation and have seen their web traffic increase tenfold and their adoption rates double. Just by showing their adoptable dogs as happy healthy potential members of the family. Here are some examples of some of our July rescue portraits…


  1. Thanks for what you are doing. I would love to receive the PDF download that is mentioned in one of your posts. I am a pet photographer and am shooting for a rescue but am very new to doing this (just the last three weeks) so any info tips would be helpful. I normally shoot outdoors in natural light in the park or back yard but the rescue has asked me to shoot at their Saturday adoption day at Petsmart. They are foster home based and don’t have a “store front” So it is a hurried event and just get the best shot you can sort of thing. I can see how a small set would be helpful. Your photos are beautiful. I would like to get something more like what you are getting! 🙂 Maybe in a few years.

  2. Hello,

    I’m Vickie Holt. A volunteer with Angels of Assisi animal shelter sent me a link to the news story that aired on CBS, saying it made her think of me. The reason she thought of me was because I am the photographer for Angels of Assisi, and for 3 years I have shared your mission almost verbatim. The only difference in our work is that I photograph all animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc., that are brought to the shelter. It’s a little different than removing the animals from the shelter to photograph them in studio surroundings. Still, every animal gets a clear and well defined image on the adoption website. Since I began, adoption rates at the sleter increased 35% per month. All the animals there get adopted, since they are a no-kill shelter. What I do just increased the speed, allowing the shelter to rescue even more animals…even taking them for other nearby shelters that euthanize. I too have taught others, and their shelters have also reported increased adoption rates. My work has been promoted and celebrated by local media, but I wanted to thank you for getting CBS to air your story to help in our mission to spread the word that better shelter/rescue photography saves lives. To see a galley of my work, you can visit here: You may also visit here to see a speech I gave at a local event inspired by my work:

  3. Hello!
    A friend sent me your clip from CBS. It’s nice to see another photographer giving back to a shelter. I’ve been working with a foster group for about 2 years and they too have seen their adoptions increase. Keep it up and keep encouraging others.

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