Ready to adopt a shelter? | Photographers supporting animal rescue

This is a relatively new blog – but if you’re a photographer that has just discovered the wonderful power you have for helping abandoned animals by photographing them – welcome! Your help is so acutely needed! A recent attendee at one of our monthly photo clinics brought some sobering statistics to my attention — ONLY ONE IN SEVEN dogs currently housed in a Dallas shelter gets adopted. This means that thousands of animals (one source said 29,000) animals per year die through no fault of their own. Very sad.

We have statistics that show that adoption rates almost double when they have good photographs to use when advertising these animals! So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and photograph some pets but you don’t have a shelter or rescue group in mind, scan the Shelter Coalition list here

Our next photo clinic for rescue volunteers will be held May 19, 2011 at Teresa Berg Photography. You must sign up in advance! Call the studio to get your name on the list.


  1. Teresa. I am in Houston and would like to attend one of your classes for our shelter. Please let me know. I think what you are doing is awesome!

      1. I’m a volunteer at the Blount County Animal Center in Maryville, TN and would love to have a photographer come and take pictures of our adoptable pets. Marketing is the right answer to save these lives. If anyone is interested in coming to take pics at the Center call us at 865-980-6244

  2. Theresa, this is what I’ve been doing for Animal Village N.M., a no-kill shelter here in Alamogordo New Mexico since they opened in December 2010. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see a dog I JUST finished photographing the day before, adopted into a forever home. It’s a great opportunity for photographers to give back, and I’m blessed to be able to help. Loved the story on CBS News and let us know how else we can help other photographers start this in their home towns. ~ Linda Sherrill

  3. Hi there!!!!
    I just saw “Sunday Morning” and I though your segment was wonderful!!! Wow! I am sooo excited with it. I’d like to attend your next photo clinic, I have a shelter that I help by getting my class and school donating dog food during the year, but I would LOVE to help them taking pictures of their dogs too. Can you please tell me when the next one is? I’m in houston, and would happily make the drive to dallas any time you have.
    Sylvia Gonzalez

  4. Theresa, I work with cat adoptions. It is a bit more challenging to photograph the cats, because they don’t know sit/stay. I’ve recently volunteered to take photos of our cats when they are at Petsmart for Feral Friends in Dallas, Do you have any tips on how to get cute photos of the cats while they are in their kennel? I have a back drop and can shoot through the bars, but no props or assistance, at the moment.

    1. I understand, Morissa — but most of the dogs I photograph don’t know sit or stay either! They do better with a leash, however. I would suggest building a big white wooden box out of plywood. Turn it on it’s side, so the open top is facing you when placed on a table top. Glue some neutral colored carpet in the (now) bottom and shooting into the white box. If you practice you can distract the kitty just long enough to snap a few good shots and the back of the white box becomes your nice clean background. White reflects light back at the cat, so hopefully, if you’re close to a window you won’t need a flash. Anything is better than photographing an animal “behind bars”….

  5. Hi Teresa,
    I happened to catch Sunday Morning with your segment a few weeks ago & got inspired. I have already volunteered to help a couple of rescue groups get their homeless pets into forever homes. Thank you for the inspiration! I hope I can help save some pets who deserve good & loving homes. (My husband & I adopted a rescued dog a couple of years ago, & have been looking for a way to help other pets too.)



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