Softening your flash | Better animal rescue photography

If you’re using a small built-in flash on a point and shoot camera, chances are you’re struggling with red, glowing eyes and very harsh shadows when photographing animals.
Watch this cute little video for tips on how to soften the harsh light from your camera’s flash in a very easy non-tech way.


  1. Great site. I will be signing up for the Wednesday webinar. One quick question on lighting- big softbox or shoot thru umbrella and were would you position them? I look forward to Wednesday
    Thanks in advance

    1. We won’t be learning studio lighting during the webinar (just so you know) The webinar is for non-professionals wanting to use natural light or their on camera flashes. I generally use a 5′ octagonal softbox in the studio. I try to stay at eye level with my subject so I often put them in a chair. You might enjoy the book I wrote (with two other photographers) for professional dog photographers. You can order it from my website. Just click on the For Photographers page. or google DOG SHOTS Teresa Berg.

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