Photography for Homeless Pets

We’re working on the Focus on Rescue class materials. Our goal is to have an easy to understand plan that volunteers and photographers everywhere can use to train animal shelter/rescue volunteers to make better photos of the animals waiting for their forever homes. Information about our webinars is on the webinars page (see tab at the top) and we hope you’ll join us. Statistics show that better photography helps save animals lives!

If you’re interested in getting this information, just email us and we’ll make sure you get the download link as soon as it’s available. Contact us at:


  1. I just loved your story on photographing dogs ( maybe cats too?) for animal rescue shelters on CBS Sunday morning. I quickly turned on my computer to get more information. I love animals and it’s so heart breaking to hear of all the beautiful animals in shelters that are euthanized. Thank you so much for being part of the solution. I’m not a photographer and the small town that I live in does not have a shelter where I can volunteer but I want you to know that I so appreciate what you’ve done. Love Janette

  2. I felt a total kinship to you when I saw the CBS spot. I am a pro people photographer in Spokane WA. I started photographing dogs & cats at our local animal shelter this year because I was convinced that better photos on their website and could make all the difference. I was so excited to see your spot on tv and know that there are more photographers out there making a difference for animals. Congratulations on a very well done interview and for getting the word out.

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