Welcome to focus on rescue

Our mission is to mentor photographers and rescue volunteers via this blog –so that they can support their local animal rescue efforts. 

We believe that images have the power to unite homeless animals with families that will give them the love and care they deserve.  We attempt to show the pets that we photograph as loving, happy family members worthy of adoption and raise awareness for animal rescue.

We have seen a huge increase in adoption rates when good quality photographs are used to promote adoptions, both in print and online. Time in foster care is dramatically reduced making more time room for more homeless animals in foster homes and shelters. We want to show that quality, healthy pets are available from shelters and rescue organizations.


  1. Yes I saw this info on CBS morning news and thought it was a great idea that Theresa Berg came
    up with. It is great to see an artist and a woman who cares and has a heart. Your story intrigued
    me so much that I did some research to find you. There is always room to learn from others and
    that is why I am always open to people like you.

  2. I would like to know how to get started with something like this. I am not a professional photographer but I do have 2 rescue dogs and think what you are doing is so wonderful. If rescue volunteers can be trained I figure I can as well and then continue this work with the group I got my girls from.

    1. I am not a professional photographer either, but I love helping animals and people when I can. I would maybe suggest talking to the person that you got the dog from. He or she probably knows how to contact someone in that rescue group. Good luck with your photography and your dogs!

  3. Wow, little did I know that I have already been doing this for quite some time now. My foster mom fosters people as well as dogs and cats from rescue groups. I have offered to take many a pictures for some of these groups. I am also planning on taking photography classes at a local college here in Minnesota so that I may one day start a business as well. I was very pleased to see your video on CBS! You have just added more inspiration to my work.

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